The Mariners Emergency Refuge (CITADEL) is a place to evacuate in the event of an emergency, such as the invasion of pirates, by creating a separate closed room near the ship’s engine room or ride room. Modultel’s Citadel Solution is a satellite communication equipment developed to communicate with the outside when a crew evacuates to CITADEL.

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Anti-Piracy Citadel Solution

Citadel refers to a room where the ship’s crew can hide during marine piracy attack. Citadel Solution solves communication problem in citadel. Even if Ship is in blackouts , at least 3 days, you can use Satellite Communication with Emergency Power Supply (EPS) and there is no communication disruption situation. Modootel citadel solution features satellite communications combined with Emergency Power Supply System (Backup battery). Ordinary antenna cable, Max 200m, can be installed between outdoor antenna and docking unit.

The emergency power supply usually charges the battery through the charging circuit with the ship’s AC power. When the charging voltage reaches 29 V, the green LED lights up to complete charging.

In case of emergency, if the ship’s AC power is cut off, all LED display windows are turned off, and the charging circuit automatically supplies power to the battery output terminal to switch to battery power. The remaining battery level is indicated in 10 steps from a minimum of 21.1V to 24.7V.

If the remaining amount is less than 21.1V, the over-discharge circuit operates to cut off the power, so you can no longer use the battery power. The EPS system for the Citadel solution is to be prepared in case the ship is cut off. Normally, it is charged using the ship’s AC power.


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