Global Maritime Distress and Safety System

Changes in IMO guidelines

October 2021, International Maritime Organization IMO Recognizing that incompatibility may exist between modified frequencies and channeling arrangements for the maritime VHF band, MSC.1 for equipment capable of NBDP and VHF radio communications covering both MF/HF Corrected /Circ.1460/Rev.2 guidelines. VHF radio communications equipment must comply with the ITU Radio Regulations (RR).

Guidance on Procedures for Updating Ship Navigation and Communications Equipment to Ensure GMDSS Communication Functions and Proper Availability (MSC.1/Circ.1389) – Application software and firmware updates required to meet changes in IMO and ITU regulatory requirements (possibly before the radio survey on January 1, 2024)

  • Bridge Alert Management IMO resolution MSC.302(87)
  • As well as IEC 62923- 1 & IEC 62923-2



Updating GMDSS technology in compliance with IMO guidelines

GMDSS(Global Maritime Distress and Safety System)