Anti-Piracy Satelite Communicatiion Solution

Citadel, Emergency Satellite Communication Solution

The SR-MARINE provides Anti-Piracy Inmarsat Phone Solution the crew of the ship hides into vessel citadel in case there is a pirate attack. It makes them able to communicate with the outside world.

SR-Marine Installation

This citadel solution provides an effective communication channel to be able to communicate with the outside world. The Outdoor
antenna works well with long cable up to 150m run down to citadel(Anti-piracy) or shelter. It operates normally despite a blackout
connecting with Emergency Power Supply.
In recent years, there has been a significant increase in the number of attacks on vessels by pirates, in particular in the Gulf of
Aden, Somali Basin, and the Indian Ocean. Vast areas of waters are affected making it a challenge to prevent maritime piracy

Emergency Power Supply System

The emergency power supply usually charges the battery through the charging circuit with the ship’s AC power. When the charging voltage reaches 29 V, the green LED lights up to complete charging.
In case of emergency, if the ship’s AC power is cut off, all LED display windows are turned off, and the charging circuit automatically supplies power to the battery output terminal to switch to battery power. The remaining battery level is displayed in 10 steps from a minimum of 21.1V to 24.7V. If the remaining amount is less than 21.1V, the over-discharge circuit operates to cut off the power, so you can no longer use the battery power. The EPS system for the Citadel solution is to be prepared in case the ship is cut off. Normally, it is charged using the ship’s AC power.

Emergency Satellite Communication Solution