M2M Asset Management

Position Tracking and Messenger

WICHI-10 is a device for position tracking and Messenger through Iridium satellites. Wichi-10 transmit information via Iridium and GPS / GLONASS satellites. In Global coverage and real-time, you can manage the information on Modootel platform.

Global Coverage

The Iridium global network of 66 low-orbit (LEO) satellites provides fast connection and global coverage.

Fast and Accurate

The WICHI-10 provides fast and accurate position information with GNSS system of three global satellites

Built-In Bluetooth

Use Bluetooth to communicate with your mobile device. WICHI-10 application send and receive message and information through Modootel platform.

Independent System

Microprocessors and Iridium Antenna& GNSS receiver are embeded. Without additional control, Wichi-10 sends position information independently every fixed time.

Distress feature

In the case of Distress/Emergency, Send the Distress Signal and position information to Modootel Platform.

Easy installation and use

Just turn on your WICHI-10, Iridium and GNSS networks connects by itself and send the position information.


Terminal (Power connection)


Battery type terminal (Wireless)

Modootel Web Application

Command Center
Modootel Command Center(Modootel web application) is a remote Assets management system with Terminals Sending Asset’s Location Information with iridium satellite communication, the only network that provides 100% global communication coverage. It is a web application that can receive and manage terminal information and send and receive messages based on the web. It can also be used as a mobile through a mobile-friendly design.