Thuraya MarineStar



Regulatory compliance by advanced tracking and monitoring Reduce OPEX through efficient usage and maintenance Stay safe with emergency SOS alerts


The all-new Thuraya MarineStar blends robust design with unprecedented functionality and unmatched levels of value to provide flawless voice communications with tracking and monitoring across the world’s busiest sea routes and fishing hotspots. Thuraya MarineStar offers circuit-switched voice besides SMS, GmPRS data and tracking services on an easy and intuitive interface. It enables satellite calls to landlines, mobile phones and other satellite phones over Thuraya’s satellite network. The MarineStar can also connect to a standard analogue phone as an extension or an on-board PBX. Delivering the reassurance of constant connectivity and communications, Thuraya MarineStar caters to the operational requirements of smaller and regional operator fishing vessels.* Built to IEC 60945 standards and unaffected by extreme environments, it synergizes productivity and efficiency on larger vessels by supporting digitalization of crucial applications such as condition based navigation, SOS and other emergency alerts through push notifications. The MarineStar is also ideal for regional merchant fleets needing a backup alternative to radio communications and GSM for voice.

THURAYA Marinestar use cases
Fisheries: In order to curb unreported and unregulated fishing, national governments are tracking and monitoring small and medium-sized boats. Thuraya MarineStar’s catch reporting, tracking and monitoring capabilities help users meet regulatory requirements. Additionally, the terminal is able to communicate with vessels, whenever alarm is raised.
Crew welfare: Crew on small vessels require basic connectivity. With the MarineStar onboard, they are always within reach – even on high seas in turbulent conditions. The terminal facilitates crew calling and SOS alerts, whenever required. Thuraya creates connected communities of seafarers with its local numbering plan implemented through roaming partnerships with GSM operators worldwide.
Condition based monitoring (user/server-defined): The MarineStar enables users to perform condition based or on-board monitoring for predictive and preventive maintenance according to equipment’s status. Sensory data is transmitted from third-party devices through the terminal for further analyses. This translates to better planning and upkeep by reducing out-of-service time.


Thuraya MarineStar is easily the most affordable multifunctional maritime satellite terminal. Customers have the flexibility to select from a wide range of subscription plans and bundles tailored for the application of their choice, which could be standard stand-alone voice, stand-alone tracking and monitoring - with or without an application, or a combination of both. There are no long-term contracts, no hidden fees and no early termination fees.

Quick and easy to install
Circuit-switched voice
Fish catch reporting capability
Advanced 2-way vessel tracking and monitoring based on time, distance, speed and area
OTA (over-the-air) programming capabilities
Versatile interface functions
SOS alert
Geofencing capability
Push notifications for weather, news and other alerts
Radio silence
Tracking application as a service
Languages: English, Chinese, Vietnamese, French, Arabic, Bahasa, Tagalog, Turkish