• 33cm Antenna
    High Quality TV same as your home
  • Watch Satellite Broadcasting
    Automatic Identity and High Speed Tracking with Digital Video Broadcasting
  • Easy to install
    Easy Satellite information and installation with Antenna Control Unit(ACU)
  • Easy to control
    Suitable to all types of vessels and Automated system without any hard working and just power the satellite TV on
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33cm TV Antenna

Satellite tracking Antenna system

Optimized Satellite Broadcasting DVB (Digital Video Broadcasting) system applied

Full Automatic System
Turn on the ACU and automatically detect and track satellite signals

High-performance satellite tracking function
ABSS (Active Beam Scanning System) technology applied

Input frequencyKu-Band(10.7 GHz ~ 12.75 GHz)
Minimum EIRP51 dBW
partialityHorizontal/Vertical, RHCP/LHCP
Azimuth control range680°
Elevation control range15° ~ 90°
Coordination abilityROLL 65°/Sec, PITCH 65°/Sec
Rotation speed60°/Sec
Input power110~220VAC or 9.5V~36V DC(option)
Antenna sizeD430mm x H430mm
Antenna weight7.5 Kg
ACU weight1.1 Kg
Operating temperature-15°C ~ +60°C
Storage temperature-25°C ~ +70°C
Humidity95% R.H.