AIS Rescue Transmitter / easyRESCUE-PRO3


AIS Rescue Transmitter


easyRESCUE-PRO3 features

The easyRESCUE-PRO3 sends an AIS emergency telegram to every AIS system within the transmission range and a DSC emergency call to up to 8 different ships in “closed loop call” and also has the 121.5 MHz homing location function.


Automatic activation by water contact

Simultanious automatic activation of
•DSC distress call
•121,5 MHz homing signal

Up to 8 different MMSI numbers can be pre-programmed via Bluetooth and free App for DSC “closed loop” to own ship or group of ships

Automatic activation by rip cord meachanism with magnetic switch

Manual one-hand activation at the push of a button

easyRESCUE-PRO3 Details
Automatic change to DSC “open loop” (GMDSS) after 10 minutes
Protection against unintended activation
Mothership knows where the victim is
GPS position is updated every minute
8 AIS messages per minute
Ships with DSC controller can start search and rescue and/or relay the distress call
DSC according RTCM and Class D
Range up to 15 nm (depending on height of receiving antenna)
No time delays due to satellite communication
100% floatable without additional buoyancy aid
easyRESCUE-PRO3 Benefits
• DSC according RTCM and Class D
No royalties
Can be used without a radio certificate
Approval: • CE and R&TTE approval • BSH (for AIS components) • SOLAS (for AIS components)


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