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The easyRESCUE-PRO rescue transmitter triggers an alarm in the AIS system as well as in the DSC GMDSS emergency call system. For your personal security, you can take advantage of both technologies in one device.

Because in an emergency every second counts!

The easyRESCUE-PRO sends out, as soon as it has GPS position information, a worldwide standardized emergency telegram, which can be received by any AIS receiver within the range of the transmitter.

This emergency telegram includes the current GPS position, the individual device identification number as well as data on course and speed. Thus it is clear to everyone where the victim is at the moment, and in which direction he is driven in the current at what speed.

The AIS emergency telegram is re-transmitted every minute with an updated position.

The received data are converted by the AIS receiver, so they can be displayed on a chart plotter or computer screen.

The new easyRESCUE-PRO3 combines the 3 most effective alerting and locating systems, AIS, DSC and 121.5MHz homing, in one unit – just to make rescue missions as fast and efficient as possible.

Via AIS emergency message all vessels with AIS receiver aboard in the vicinity of up to 15 nm and more around the victim, including the mother ship, are informed about the distress situation. Updated every minute, this alert message contains current GPS position as well as COG (course over ground) and SOG (speed over ground) of the victim in a drift. These information enable every crew to assist with the rescue.

Via DSC distress call up to 8 different vessels get a first alerting call within seconds after the AIS MOB easyRESCUE-PRO3 was activated in closed loop. The MMSI numbers can be pre-programmed into the beacon. After the GPS fix is given, a second DSC distress call is send out in “closed loop”, containing GPS position of the victim. For the next 10 minutes the “closed loop” crews are able to acknowledge the incoming distress call. If the easyRESCUE-PRO3 receives no acknowledgement, the unit switches automatically into “open loop”, transmitting an “all ships call” to everybody into the GMDSS emergency network. This “all ships call” can be relayed by commercial vessels to forward the distress call to a coastal MRCC (maritime rescue coordination center) which are the sole stations to acknowledge the “open loop”.

Via 121.5MHz a so called “homing signal” is transmitted. With the respective receiving and bearing equipment the right direction to the victim can be found out of 3 nm distance. In situation when there is “no sight” to the victim this technology comes up with a high benefit. The closer the vessel is to the victim, the more precisely the life-saving bearing can be done.

The parallel activation of all 3 technologies is done automatically with rip cord and magnetic switch, as soon as the automatic life jacket inflates when submerged. The intended life jacket has to have a special pocket inside that was developed specially for the AIS MOB easyRESCUE-PRO3.

easy ONE

AIS MOB + DSC “closed loop”

  • AIS safety related message to every AIS receiver within range of transmission
  • DSC distress call to up to 8 different vessels in closed
    loop call
  • Powerful red LED Flare
In case of a “man over board“ situation, the life jacket inflates and exposes the easyONE which is placed between the folded blatter. When fully submerged, the unit is activated and the antenna is automatically unfolded. This AIS MOB is attached to the victim‘s life jacket by a cord and floats on the water around the victim. A strong LED flash light ensures better visibility at night.

Being activated, the easyONE starts transmitting a full AIS MOB emergency message. It contains the individual unit ID, current GPS position, as well as COG and SOG of the victim. As the unit ID starts with “972…“, each AIS receiver within range up to 7 to 8 nautical miles (bad weather conditions and height of receiving antenna may reduce the range) receives this emergency message. The connected chart plotter or PC screen displays the official MOB symbol (red X with red circle).

Two LEDs indicate functionality of the unit. This simplifies the use in distress. If the easyONE is triggered, the battery capacity lasts for more than 36 hours of permanent transmission peroid. Due to this fact and its palm size, the AIS MOB easyONE is the perfect companion. The easyONE is ready to use and registration or license is not required.

Be saved immediately – AIS MOB Live location on your PC / Plotter!

  • Suitable for all automatic lifejacket
  • Direct AIS alarm to ships in the vicinity
  • All vessels with AIS may participate in the rescue
  • Rescue information also without Coast Guard
  • No waiting for satellite
  • No running costs
  • No license needed


  • Full AIS MOB emergency transmission (972…)
  • Each AIS receiver within range receives victim‘s current GPS position, COG and SOG
  • Automatic activation when submerged
  • More than 1 Watt radiated power
  • More than 36 hours battery capacity after activation
  • Strong LED flash light for better visibility in the darkness
  • Palm-sized unit
  • 100% floatable without buoyancy support
  • No registration
  • No license required
  • Can be used with every automatic life jacket
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