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Communication Solution from Piracy

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CITADEL Solution

Communication Solution from Piracy

Citadel refers to a room where the ship’s crew can hide during marine piracy attack. Citadel Solution solves communication problem in citadel. Even if Ship is in blackouts , at least 3 days, you can use Satellite Communication with Emergency Power Supply (EPS) and there is no communication disruption situation.

Modootel’s unique citadel solution features satellite communications combined with Emergency Power Supply System (Backup battery). Ordinary antenna cable, Max 200m, can be installed between outdoor antenna and docking unit.

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It is composed Ducking unit that enables communication by inserting a satellite antenna installed outside and a portable satellite phone. Since the position of CITADEL is generally located at the inner depth of the ship, it is required to install the long distance antenna cable between the external antenna and Citadel. Modootel’s SR-Marine is designed to provide reliable communications over normal RF cables up to 200 meters away.

Emergency Power Supply (EPS) system

The Emergency Power Supply charges to the AC power though charge line. When charging is complete to maximum 29V, Green LED turn on.

In an emergency situation, if AC power in a Ship turned off,  All LED display lights would be turned off and The charger is automatically supplied to the battery output terminal. The remaining battery level is displayed in 10 steps from 21.1V to 24.7V minimum. If remaining battery is less than 21.1V, It is impossible to use battery because Over discharge circuit operates.

This EPS system is for CITADEL Solution for vessel’s blackouts situation and charges the batteries with the usual ship’s AC power

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